If you have little experience of healing with horses, then this exciting home study course is the one for you. The course is in the format of self study but with full tutor led support and provided by a tutor that has been working as a professional horse healer since 1995 and who has trained many students in the practice of working with horses in a healing capacity.

You may be drawn towards working with horses and love the idea of using healing as a way of getting closer to these wonderful creatures, whilst perhaps earning a living at the same time. Or you may just want to help the horses in your care. Whichever it is, then rest assured, you will find all of the answers that you need in this self study course. Covering every single aspect of working with horses in a healing capacity, you will soon feel confident enough to start working with your first horses.

Once the Healing Horses for beginners course is completed, you may then contact JB College of Accredited Learning to discuss the next step to attain practitioner accredited level

A flexible, in depth five module course that can be undertaken in your own time. The distance learning takes the complete beginner to practitioner level in five stages.

All you need to to to get started is to go to the bottom of the page and click on pay now.


What you will gain

  • Full knowledge of the healing process
  • The confidence to start your practice
  • Full knowledge of initiating and completing a healing session
  • How to handle difficulties when they arise
  • How to develop telepathic skills with the horse
  • The type of clients you may expect to meet
  • Greater interpersonal skills - understanding of the character types and how best to conduct a session
  • Greater awareness of your own temperament, identifying and building on strengths and weaknesses
  • A toolbox of healing techniques, which I have adapted over the years
  • Marketing skills for the alternative therapy field
  • Full understanding of the legalities involved
  • And more …

You are taught to work on an intuitive level. This enables you to work at the highest level, and allows the horses to bond deeply with, and connect to, you.

The distance learning will provide you with a solid platform to get you started. You can subscribe to ongoing coaching/mentoring calls which may be structured according to requirements. The agenda is totally within your control and, as such, will prove to be a great asset to your personal and spiritual development.



  • Five modules with assignments at the end of each module to be completed and returned
  • Full email/mentoring support
  • There will be several books recommended for suggested reading & to assist with assignments during the duration of the training
  • You will be required to complete 30 hours case studies
  • Optional assessment with me for £50.00 for two hour assessment at the end
  • Entry on the online equestrian therapist directory www.equinepractitioners.co.uk
  • Upon completion you will receive a Reiki for Horses Certificate - subject to submission of 30 hours case studies [Forms will be provided]


  • Option of ongoing monthly motivational coaching at reduced student rates
  • Ongoing email support after completion of the modules
  • Tutor assessment of your 30 hours case studies
  • Optional 1.5 hour visit to tutor for assessment with horse, on or near completion of the training at a cost of £75.00
  • Accredited Certification for 'Reiki for Horses' upon satisfactory completion, and submission of 30 hours case studies
    [Forms provided]
  • Optional entry in to Healing Horses directory for only £35.00 per annum including free entry into www.equinepractitioners.co.uk
Online Price - $255.00
Printed version - $275.00
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If you prefer to pay by cheque please email me at info@janbarley.co.uk

You will be emailed with simple download instructions shortly after purchasing

The course is delivered in PDF format. Most PC's have Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader as standard.
If you do not, then please go to www.adobe.com to download this for free



Jan Barley 2011